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SuperLenny's Harley and Helmet Competition!

2017-10-17 14:04:54

“It's never about the destination, it's about the ride... Go full throttle with Lenny and win a sizzling hot Harley.”

There’s really not much in the world that’s cooler and more iconic for being cool than chopper motorbike design. The favourite of the hardened biker gang that loves rocking and the open road, the song of freedom that it screams with every roar of its oversized engine. Of course, there is one and only one brand of motorcycle that so well captures this culture of bikers and their gangs, that is, of course, the Harley Davidson.

So it makes perfect sense that the coolest man/deer in all of online gaming would have a connection to this company in such a, well, cool way. That’s right, SuperLenny and Harley Davidson have joined forces to deliver you a rip-roaring promotion that will knock your socks off in a major way.

Of course, you’ve read the headline of this article so you know the general idea of what this promotion is on the site to do. But I think since this promotion is so huge and amazing that it is worth stating again for clarity, just to make sure to yourself that you haven’t, in fact, read it wrong.

When you head over to SuperLenny next you will be able to opt-in to a promotion that will give you the chance to win a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle! Yep, just by taking part in this competition and playing games on the SuperLenny casino you can win yourself an iconic motorcycle!

The Competition

There’s not much point in knowing anything about the prize at the end of the competition without having any sort of idea as to how you can get involved in it and increase your chances of winning.
The first thing you will need to do to be a part of this promotion is head over to the SuperLenny website and go to their promotions page, from here you will be able to see all of the awesome promotions that the site has to offer. One of these is, of course, the Harley Davidson promotion so click on that one.

This will bring you to the page with the information you need to know about it and will also provide you with the necessary link to opt-in to the competition. Click on the button that says ‘OPT-IN’ and from that point, on every time you play at the SuperLenny casino your chances of winning will be increased.

So, how exactly do you improve your chances to win this awesome hog? Well, that’s where this competition really shines, you basically need not do anything extravagant or crazy to up your chances, all you have to do is keep playing your favourite casino games at SuperLenny and you will make your way up the leaderboard.

Play slots, table games or live casino and earn points. Every £$€10 wagered in the casino adds 1 point in the leaderboard.

The player with the most points at the end of the campaign drives away with a brand new motorbike and a one of a kind SuperLenny helmet.

“Kick some asphalt with Lenny, the road is waiting.”

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