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Super Duper, Mini Cooper - The Tournament at SlotsMagic!

2017-08-08 11:14:52

Have you ever watched ‘The Italian Job’ and thought to yourself “Damn, I’d love a Mini”? Well, I can’t blame you if you have, the slick and compact cars that were used in the classic 1969 Michael Caine crime caper and the not-so-classic 2003 Mark Wahlberg remake inspire that great sense of ‘small but capable’ thinking. As well as this they just straight up look cool whether they’re in the Italian mountains or weaving through traffic in a more metropolitan setting.

These are the reasons why most people would like to get their hands on their very own set of Mini Cooper car keys. And so isn’t it just great that SlotsMagic# is giving you, the loyal customer the chance to win that right!

You read that correctly, the fine folks over at SlotsMagic have launched this new promotion that will put you in with a chance to win a brand new Mini Cooper! And doing so is incredibly easy too!

How to get involved

Like all of the SlotsMagic tournaments getting your name into the hat for a sick prize is as easy as pie to do. All you have to do is get a tournament ticket and you will be in with just as good a shot as every other ticket, this is because the winner selection will be done in the form of a raffle to ensure that all is fair and above board. Just like in other raffles you can also increase your chances of winning by finding yourself in possession of more and more tickets. With this raffle, there are no imposed limits on the amount of tickets that you are able to get your hands on so you could really put yourself in a great position statistic-wise when the draw is made.

There are a couple ways in which you can get a ticket at SlotsMagic. You can get a free ticket every day so long as you have made a deposit within that day. So if you place a deposit on Tuesday, for example, you will get one ticket that day regardless of whether you place another one or not.

Another way to get a ticket is to buy them, simple as that. You can increase your chances of winning any of these wonderful prizes by simply buying a couple of tickets for only £$€1 each!

Finally, to celebrate the best day of the week you have the opportunity to claim an extra ticket every single Friday when you use the first method! That’s right, a free ticket every single Friday!

What you can win

SlotsMagic would not put on such a big tournament if they weren’t prepared to give out some truly wonderful prizes. Here is a look at what those prizes are so you can see just how worthwhile it is to get involved in this promotion. Even if you don’t claim the top prize of the MINI One 3-door hatchback 1.2l petrol engine with manual gear box you can still see yourself walking away with a pretty sizeable prize if you come within the top 20:

1st: MINI Cooper
2nd: €∕£∕$2500 Cash
3rd: €∕£∕$1500 Cash
4th: €∕£∕$600 Cash
5th: €∕£∕$400 Cash
6th: 100 Mega Spins
7th: 100 Mega Spins
8th: 100 Mega Spins
9th: 100 Mega Spins
10th: 50 Mega Spins
11th: 50 Mega Spins
12th: 50 Mega Spins
13th: 50 Mega Spins
14th: 50 Mega Spins
15th: 25 Mega Spins
16th: 25 Mega Spins
17th: 25 Mega Spins
18th: 25 Mega Spins
19th: 25 Mega Spins
20th: 25 Mega Spins

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