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StanJames on Social Media

2017-07-20 09:30:29

One of the major secrets to success for a company in this modern age is an accessible and well managed social media presence where they can get in contact with customers and promote their site through the use of spreading information and snappy public relations.

StanJames succeed in doing this in a major way, they have accounts on all of the major social media platforms which are important for any sort of business who wants an online presence as these sites are where the majority of the customers and potential customers will be and they are the ones with which users are most comfortable and familiar with. This familiarity is also helpful on the business’ side as it helps them if the people working for them are able to use these sites in a way that really gets the best out of each post, for example, brevity is important on Twitter but you can be a little more long-winded on Facebook because the platforms have different strategies that work for each.
Here is a quick look at the different accounts that StanJames has on all your favourite social media websites, what they do on them and how you can find them.


The 140-character microblogging site is a veritable hub for online business, with a massive userbase and an emphasis on news and advertisement it is the perfect platform for engaging with customers and fans.

The fact that Twitter allows the uploading and sharing of pictures and photographs which are something that StanJames utilises very well. Nearly every single tweet from their account contains a picture of some sort. This is a very deliberate and effective ploy that helps significantly to grab the attention someone who is scrolling through their Twitter feed. It also helps them to get to the point faster and is very useful in their sports betting tweets as they can show pictures of the games/teams/player/score that they are looking over.

You can find StanJames on Twitter by searching @stanjames and feel free to become one of their 48.9k followers.