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StanJames – Leading The Charge In Security And Fairness

2017-06-08 11:31:02

As one of the largest online gaming and betting websites out there StanJames has to put the safety of all information and money that it is given by customers before pretty much anything else. If data security is not of paramount importance for online gaming websites then not only is the customer’s money and information at risk but so is the company’s reputation and standing and in the online gaming business reputation and trust are both hugely important assets.

That is why StanJames have made a clear and obvious effort to fortify their site from possible data intrusions and hacking as well as phishing and scamming so that their customers can place bets and play games in a safe environment where they don’t have to worry about any sort of security threat.

As well as security there is also the question of fairness, if a company expects a customer to spend their hard earned money on their business then they have to be seen to be completely fair in what they give back to the customer. This is especially true in the world of online gaming where trust that no manipulation is going on greatly impacts where a customer decides to do their gambling, so StanJames and other companies like it must be transparent and honest or else it will lose any sort of positive reputation it has built up over the years. There are a couple of ways in which StanJames have strived towards being a secure and fair website and they should definitely be followed on this path by any other smaller sites hoping to gain a foothold in the market.


One of the ways in which StanJames guarantees player safety is with their rigorous security system. The system hangs on the use of rather nifty SSL encryption, which makes it impossible for anyone that is unauthorised to access any data that you the customer provide StanJames with including bank details, account details etc. As well as that the StanJames servers also have a layer of encryption that makes all data secure and only accessible to those in the departments that access to such data is required to run (accounts).

As well as this the password system that StanJames uses is also a tough cookie to crack, almost impossible really. Even if someone were to access the StanJames servers somehow, they wouldn’t get the passwords for any of the accounts. The reason they don’t get them is simple, they’re not there. Most modern websites don’t keep your password on file, that’s too big of a security risk, instead they are stored elsewhere (usually by a large company like Google who have so much more encryption) and each time you use your password the website checks if it is the right one and gives you access if this third party verifies that it’s you. This is a very simple solution to a previously complex issue and it works wonders because of that.


The importance of fairness in any game cannot be understated, especially when money is involved. To ensure that each of the StanJames games are random they voluntarily allow for an independent outside agency called TST to individually audit each and every one of the games on the site. When you click on the TST at the bottom of the StanJames page will bring you to the certificate that they are granted to verify randomness in games.

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