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Some of Bet365’s Best New Slot Games

2017-07-26 06:53:18

One of the best ways to bring in new customers and to keep the ones you have happy is to have a constantly updating roster of great slot games for them to sink their teeth into when they visit the site, whether it’s their first time swinging by or they’re seasoned veterans getting back to doing what they do best. This is one of the main reasons why Bet365 is dedicated to making sure that their catalogue of games is refreshed regularly.

They have recently added a whole bunch of brand new exciting games that you can play right now over at Bet365. Here is a quick little look at just what some of these games have to offer and what you can expect when you decide to load them up to give them a go.

Goldwyn’s Fairies

Take a trip to a more magical world with this fairy themed slot that brings all the excitement of a fantasy adventure and all the thrill of winning big cash prizes of a well-developed and designed online slot game.

This 5-reel 20 pay-line slot is simply put, a blast that will have you hooked from the very moment you decide to boot it up. The brilliant and beautiful design with an easy on the eye colour scheme of green and gold will keep you engaged throughout your whole playing experience.

Goldwyn’s Fairies has 3 different wild tokens and so there is a whole load of variation and variety waiting for you to discover it. This game makes a wonderful addition to the Bet365 catalogue as it is incredibly fun and brilliantly designed so it deserves to take its place among the rest of the great games that Bet365 has to offer.

Lion Festival

The Asian aesthetic seems to be one that is incredibly popular in online slot games and Lion Festival is a great example of just why that is. The theme allows for a huge array of colourful designs and brilliant gameplay features that games like Lion Festival can really take full advantage of.

Lion Festival is a wonderful and gorgeous 5-reel slot game that has a bunch of little extras and bonus features that go a long way to making the whole gaming experience incredibly satisfying and worth it. It is a great game that will be right at home at Bet365.

Dr Jekyll Goes Wild

Jump back in time to the mysterious and spooky smog-laden streets of Victorian London where shadows hide secrets and nasty things. Now imagine that you can play a super fun slot game that will give you the chance to win big cash prizes and have fun while doing it. Well, imagine no more because that game is waiting for you at Bet365 and it’s called Dr Jekyll Goes Wild.

That’s right, a slot game based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 spooky literary creation about a mad doctor who turns into an even madder alter-ego. But worry not, this game doesn’t contain much horror, it is much more focused on letting you win big while giving you a great gaming experience to boot.

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