So, what's on those Cashino Cards?!

2017-06-16 09:19:31

Most gaming sites will have a system in place that rewards their most loyal customers through granting them benefits or bonuses as they play. The general idea of this is to give the customer the feeling of better value so that they build up a better relationship with the site and want to visit the site regularly and play their games.

Cashino do this through their C-Card system which lets customers build up points through their deposits which they can later turn into big bonuses and benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of how you can get C-Card points and the benefits you can expect from collecting them at Cashino.

How to gather points

The points system at Cashino is rather straightforward and easy to understand. In order to play the great games for money on the Cashino website, you must first register your account and make a deposit into said account which you will then use to place bids and bets as you play. At Cashino when you place a deposit you also get what is called a ‘C-Card Reward Point’ for every £$€10 that you deposit.

That means that a deposit of £$€50 will bring you a total of 5 reward points. This addition of reward points happens automatically every time you make a deposit so you likely won’t notice them pile up until you want to use them to claim these great benefits.
It must also be mentioned that on sign up when you make your first deposit of at least £$€5 Cashino will give you an epic bonus of 500 C-Card points right there and then!

What to do with your reward points

Of course, a reward points system would be completely pointless (pardon the pun) unless there was some sort of way of redeeming these points for rewards. At Cashino there are lots of great things that you can do with the points you have gathered in your time on the site.

The most straightforward thing to do with these points is to exchange them for cold hard cash! When your balance of C-Card Reward Points reaches 500 you are then able to transfer them straight into your Cashino account and then withdraw them from there to get actual cash! 100 of these Reward points is worth a total of £$€1 in real money. The fact that you have been gradually collecting this money through your deposits that you use to play great games means that this is pretty much free money that Cashino are giving you and who could say no to that? To avail of this cash transfer, you simply email the Cashino support team and tell them how many of your points you want to be transferred into your account.

You don’t have to exchange your points for cash, however, alternatively you can get given your reward in the form of vouchers! These vouchers can be for Marks & Spencer, Love 2 Shop or a range of real life Cashino venues. To get the vouchers you again just email the Cashino support team and state what vouchers you want to receive and then they will send them out to you free in the post!

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