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SlotsMagic VIP - Very Impressive Prizes!

2017-06-01 12:01:13

So let’s take a look at what a peek behind the velvet rope into the VIP area gets you!

VIP Levels

There is a total of six levels for you to make your way through in the VIP hierarchy each with extra rewards and privileges. As the site says itself “the more VIP points the higher the level and the more we roll out the red carpet!.” The levels go in an easily understandable way, starting with Bronze and continuing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond until the much coveted Red Diamond level.

Level Privileges

As mentioned previously there are a number of extra privileges which a player can avail of when they graduate to a higher tier of excellence. The first of these is at the Gold level where you will be given access to the promotions calendar which allows you to see when upcoming promotions will be available so you can be sure not to miss out! The second reward is a monthly bonus that comes into effect at the Silver level, this reward does what it says on the tin and grants the player an extra bonus every month just for playing! At the Platinum level the player gets four new privileges (yes four!), these privileges include a birthday bonus, faster payouts, more special promotions and most interestingly a VIP account manager, a dedicated assistant for your account, pretty much an Alfred to your Bruce Wayne!

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

Who doesn’t like a little more on the side? Well with SlotsMagic VIP the bonuses keep rolling in as you play! The breakdown is simple, when you bid on any game you gain VIP points, these points pile up and help you climb the success ladder which equals, you guessed it, more rewards and bonuses! Not only that but these VIP points that they’re throwing your way can be converted to actual cash at the Cashier!

Extra goodness

As well as all of these glorious offerings and bonuses that come with a VIP membership you can also benefit from a whole host of other extras. Simply by being a member, you receive monthly invitations to exclusive events and games that the regular joes could only dream of being part of. But it doesn’t even stop there, the executive levels offer invitations to real life events for their members in luxurious and fantastic locations around the world! You could be jetting off to play games with the best in the world at the biggest and best events all because you joined the VIP club at SlotsMagic.

Signing Up

After reading all of that it’s no wonder that you want to sign up asap, well don’t worry because the sign up is incredibly straightforward and simple and will only take a few minutes. It’s even easier to do if you are already a member of SlotsMagic as it’s then just a matter of upgrading your account. So start clicking and start winning with a VIP account at SlotsMagic!

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