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Slot Machine Secrets Every Player Should Know

2017-11-02 12:12:12

In many casinos, slot machines are the biggest moneymakers. They attract a lot of attention and the payouts are substantial. Whether you’re playing authentic slot machines for fun at a casino party or online for money there are a few trade secrets players need to know.

Slot Machines Have Predetermined Payout Settings

When a casino orders a new slot machine they choose the long-term payback percentage they want. This is factored into the fine-tuning of the machine and determines how loose or tight it is (in terms of payouts). Once in operation, slots don't adjust internally to become looser or tighter.
The one exception is with progressive slot machines. These have a jackpot payout that increases with each pull, but it still doesn’t increase the chances of winning.

But Payout Settings Can Be Adjusted

Casino floor operators have been known to adjust how tight or loose slot machines are in order to generate interest in a slow area. This can be done with a new chip from the manufacturer or software update. But that doesn’t mean you can count on certain machines to pay out as well as they did before. If the area picks up the slots may be adjusted again to start paying out less.