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Sky Casino has a Mission for You - Play Blackjack and Win!

2017-09-26 09:20:11

Admit it, part of the reason we play online and land-based casino games is because it was made so unbelievably cool by James Bond in all of his novels and films and we want to get just a slice of that suave awesomeness every time we sit down at a table to play a game, be it virtual or real.

Well, if you know anything about Bond then you’ll also know that he can’t just sit around and play games all day, he has a number of very secret and vital missions he must complete or the world could be in jeopardy. Until 7th October Sky Casino has decided to take some of both of these crucial elements of the Bond experience and give them right to you, the customer, so you can get a little bit more of that slick super spy feeling when you play there.

These missions will not see the world in the balance however so a lot of the pressure is taken off your shoulders in that regard. What is in up for contention for these missions, however, is a sweet cash prize that you can grab for yourself if you complete these challenges in any of the wonderful qualifying Blackjack games at Sky Casino.

The Missions

The only thing standing between you and your big £$€100 cash prize is this little list of challenges that you must complete. They are all in principle easy to do, but there is no doubt that they require certain levels of dedication, luck and skill. Do you reckon you’re up for it?