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Sky Bet signs deal with Signal's Customer Identity Solution

2017-04-07 15:44:19

Like many gambling and casino websites, Sky Bet needs to ensure that both its customers' data and identities are protected, but also that the company has sufficient information to prevent fraud and provide its players with adequate communication. This isn't always an easy gap to bridge. On the one hand, increasing numbers of customers demand that their data remains private, on the other hand, players want companies to proactively protect their data and provide them with advertising and information that is useful, personalised and meaningful.

Changing Customer Trends

Today, players play on numerous websites, they have favourite teams, players, venues and some like to give the slot machines a go during the break. Some may put down a bet via Sky Bet on the football team they dislike, but only to make a potential loss more bearable. Such erratic customer behaviour can lead to customers suddenly seeing online ads for bets on teams that they thoroughly dislike.
Sky Bet has found a solution for this conundrum, using tracking data. Sky Bet, part of the British Sky media conglomerate, has teamed up with Signal's Customer Identity Solution.

What Signal can do for Sky Bet

In the past, targeting Sky Bet customers across devices and platforms was far from straight forward. This was down to the fact that within the online world it isn't easy to identify a user in order to show him relevant ads.
This is where Signal's software solution comes into play. The platform allows Sky Bet to unite data from its various platforms, including its partner sites, and to create a single customer identifier without falling short of protecting Sky Bet's customer data. Sky Bet had already begun trialling the software last year and was so impressed that the company signed an agreement with Signal in early 2017.

“We have a huge contact point with a large percentage of the UK gambling population both through our existing base or those betting with competitors,” Sky Bet's head of data, Andrew Walton, told magazine CMO.

Signal allows Sky Bet to target customers better, using paid commercials on their player's favourite websites or social media channels. Ads and information can be fine-grained and could potentially include minutiae details such as preferred betting time, favourite football team and favourite game.

“It’s also about talking to existing customers. We’ve tended to use our online and social channels as acquisition channels. We didn’t talk to customers directly – we’re putting a lot of spend out there with media but not being clever with it,” admits Walton, and adds that it's time that Sky Bet started taking these channels serious - and that they will, using the new software.

Not only will this enhanced technology benefit Sky Bet, but it will also result in more relevant offers for Sky Bet players worldwide.

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