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Signing up at SuperLenny

2017-07-07 05:57:17

If you are having some problems in your account creation process however then read this quick and detailed guide that goes into the minutia of the process so that you will be able to do it yourself in no time.

Step 1

The first step is always the simplest, all you have to do is go the SuperLenny home page and locate the button that says ‘Sign Up’. The button is far from hidden, it stands out like a deer in a bookie’s. Dart your eyes to the top right-hand side of the screen and you will see two rectangular buttons. One of these has a yellow stripe along the top and says ‘Login’ but this is only for people who have an account already. You’re looking for the button right beside it that is fully yellow and says ‘Sign Up’.
Click on this button and you will be brought to another page where you will be able to register your SuperLenny account.

Step 2

This page is the first page in the actual registration process and asks you to enter a couple of details. The first of these details are requested by the first white box you see and it’s your email address. Type in the email address that you want to use for your SuperLenny account and then proceed to the next box.

In the next box, you can get a little creative, you are given the chance to create your own username. As long as you’ll remember it and it isn’t already taken, this can be whatever you want it to so feel free to express yourself somewhat. It is advisable however not necessary that you use a pseudonym instead of your real name here as it can just be a tad more secure.

After you have entered your desired username you must then create a password for your SuperLenny account. Again this can be absolutely anything you want it to be however this time it must include at least 1 number and one capital letter and it must be at least 8 characters in length (eg Alligator47).

You’re pretty much finished the first part now so all you have to do is tick the box that says you’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions and the cookie policy. Then click on ‘Next’ to be brought to the next part of the process.

Step 3

At this point in the process, the site will assure you that you’re ‘Almost There’ as it presents you with the next page of the form. The first two boxes will ask you for your first name and surname (you should probably know these off hand). It will then ask you to fill out your Date Of Birth so they know you’re over 18. You then click to choose whether you are male or female so that they know what to address you as.

After that, you need to tell them where in the world you are by filling in your Address, Country, Currency, Postcode, City, and finally your phone number. All this information is completely safe with the website so you don’t need to worry about giving it to them.

You then simply click on ‘All Done’ and your account is created there and then!

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