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Rugby Match heading into Extra Time? You can still win at bet365!

2017-12-04 14:18:48

Don’t you hate it when you have a bet placed on a rugby match and it’s all looking good, your team is on top until the last minute when the opposition score those oh so necessary points to tie up the game and it goes into extra time. Normally when this happens your bet ends with the whistle, the game will be called as a draw and any sort of bet you made to the contrary will not be considered as a success even if your team goes on to win in extra time. This can be quite the inconvenience for sure and more than that it can be downright annoying.

Fortunately for you (and for all of us) bet365 knows this and is willing to bend the rules in your favour somewhat to make your betting experience that much better. They are doing so with the Extra Time Extra Chance offer on rugby matches that you can go and grab right away the next time you visit the bet365 site.

So if the above situation happens to you where your team loses out on its win in the dying minutes or even if you’ve bet on the team making a comeback, you will have the chance to win when the match stretches into that extra time zone.

How It Works

With the bet365 Extra Time Extra Chance offer you get another opportunity to win when a Rugby match goes into extra time. When any Rugby League or Rugby Union match goes into extra time and your bet has not been settled as a winner at the end of normal time, it will remain active during extra time and be settled on the final result.