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Rizk Casino's Super Welcome Bonus!

2017-08-09 08:33:47

If you’ve had a look at the Rizk website and are still unsure about signing up and becoming a member of one of the fastest growing online gaming websites around you should consider their welcome offer to see what registering now will get you other than access to a whole world of brilliant gaming content and a wonderful online community.

After this short description of the ins and outs of the Rizk welcome offer, there’s no way you won’t want to sign up immediately and get playing hundreds of awesome games.

200% Bonus

Sites will often give you a bonus on your first deposit, it's meant to give you something a little extra for you to use when you're first getting used to the site and all its games, it serves as both a great way to get in tune with what the site has to offer and also to get that sweet feeling of free money that only comes with an awesome bonus.

Usually, when a sitter does a first deposit bonus it will be at max 100% which is good, don't get me wrong, but what's even better is what you can get when you make your first deposit at Rizk.

Rizk will give you a whole bonus of 200% on your first deposit up to a deposit maximum of £$€100! That means they are tripling (!) your account balance just to say welcome and thank you for signing up.

The example given on the site for this tripling of deposits uses $50 as its starting point, which might be a little steep for some players but lar for the course for others. It points out that with this bonus you will get a whole extra $100 meaning that your account balance will be increased to $150! That's $150 that you can spend anywhere on the site and use it really get familiar with the games on offer. Maybe you'll find your favourite on the first go and not touch any other games or maybe you'll check them all out and love them equally, well with this bonus you have that choice right from the off.

50 Free Spins

You might think that the bonus ought to end there and there's nothing extra left because 200% extra on your first deposit is a real sweet deal that you're content with. And for once you'll be glad to hear that you're wrong!

Rizk Casino will not only give you a whole bunch of bonus cash into your account but they will also very happily give you a total of 50 free spins just to say hello!

These free spins come in every day for the first five days of your membership, that's right you get 10 spins a day. You can use these spins on any game that you see fit and at any time, just be wary that they run out after 24 hours you have to be attentive and quick making sure to use them when they come in if you want to maximise your benefit from this welcome package.

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