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Recovering your Details at Sky Bet

2017-08-23 12:31:44

It can happen from time to time, you’re excited to get back into your favourite betting site and when you get there you realise that you have completely forgotten the details that you have to use to log in. Luckily all is not lost as Sky Bet has you covered when this happens. They have an incredibly easy to understand and fast working system to recover your account details in the event that you forget them. This will let you back into your account and let you place the bets you want to place and take advantage of the great promotions that you see there.

The method is easy and there are two ways to do it. First of all, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the site and find the line of FAQs. This should be easy to find as they are all highlighted in green. Go to the last in this list of FAQ’s that says ‘Recover Details’ and click on it. This will make a menu pop out from the side of the page that will let you recover your account details.

The other way is by simply trying to log in to the site in the first place. TO do this you need to go to the top of the site, to the banner that has the Sky Bet logo. Go to the right of this logo and you will see ‘Help’, ‘Join Now’ and ‘Log In’. Click on ‘Log In’ and a similar menu will pop out on the side of the page.

This menu will ask you to enter your Sky Bet user ID and PIN. But of course, if you’ve forgotten either of these pieces of information then you won’t be able to enter them and so won’t be able to log into the site through these means. What you’ll need to do instead is go past the black ‘Log In’ button and down to the ‘Forgotten User ID And PIN’ button just below it.

This will bring you to the same menu as you were taken to in the first method so doing it the second way just has a couple of extra unnecessary steps.

On this Recover Details page, you will be greeted by four different options one of which may best apply to you.

If you have forgotten your Sky Bet PIN then click on the first one. This will ask you to enter your User ID. When you enter your User ID and click continue an email will be sent to the email address with which you set up the account. This email will provide you with details on how to reset your PIN so follow what it says and you will be able to use your account soon.

If you have forgotten your User ID then click on the second option. This will ask you to enter your email address, the one that you used to register your account with, and then click done. You will be sent an email to this address that will contain your User ID and you can use this to access your account.

If your account is locked and you can’t re-enter into it then you should click on the third option and enter your User ID. This will send you an email to reset your pin and re-access your account.

If you have a temporary pin in place and you need a new one then choose the fourth option. Again you will need to enter your User ID and you will receive an email on how to change it.

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