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Ready, Set, Go. It’s Reel Races At Casumo Casino!

2017-12-29 14:03:00

Ever wanted to make playing your favourite games just that little bit more competitive? Well now you can over at Casumo thanks to their wonderful Reel Races that will have you back for more again and again to see if you can win more prizes!

The Reel Races over at Casumo are fantastically fun and inject a whole extra element of fun and excitement into the already extremely enjoyable universe of Casumo Slots.

Finding the Reel Races is easy as pie, they are located right on the main page of the site, all you have to do to find them is scroll down ‘til you see the words ‘Try Reel Races’ in big lettering along the page.

General Reel Races Info

The races happen every day, they start every thirty minutes and are completely free to enter! The main goal of the races is to get as many points as you can before the time limit expires and the race ends. At the beginning of the race, you are given a set number of spins that you can use throughout the race too, and you can view how many of these you have on the leaderboard. Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the number of points that you have picked up in any given race.

The way they do this is rather nifty and fair for all, points are calculated by taking into account how much you have won in 20 spins on the particular games that fall within the Reel Races game that is active at that time. But what makes it extra fair is that it is not an absolute value of winnings that gets you points but an overall percentage of what you staked so a spin of €0.25 that wins €10 is worth more points than a €100 spin that wins €150! This of course means that even if you are not the biggest roller and spinner in the online gaming world you still have just as much chance to win as Johnny Big Bucks over there who makes much bigger wagers. You can boost your winnings through point boosters called ‘Big Wins’, ‘Mega Wins’ and ‘Wins in a Row’. The cool real-time leaderboard keeps track of each player's points total as gamers fight it out for the top spot before the clock runs out.

So doesn’t that all seem rather thrilling? Reel Races are a series of quickfire competitions that could see you walking away with some pretty sizeable cash prizes in your back pocket. As well as the thrill of that prospect you also get the chance to play some of the best games on the Casumo platform and maybe try out a couple that you’ve never tried before, perhaps finding your new favourite, especially if it wins you a big prize! Why not head over to Casumo now and get stuck in, although there’ll be stiff competition because I know for sure that I won’t be missing out on this. See you there!

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