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Potential cheating case at Genting Casino

2017-09-04 10:14:23

Those of our readers that are avid online gamblers will largely know the Genting brand through their impressive online presence. However, Genting casino also operates numerous brick-and-mortar casinos, including a premise in the heart of Glasgow city in Scotland. This Genting casino branch has launched a probe into a potential case of cheating at their premises.

£200,000 lost

The probe into how £200,000 were lost during a game of Punto Banco has just been launched. The casino executives gave the go ahead in light of more and more evidence indicating that a gang of players are likely to have been cheating.

The players in question are said to have repeated their scheme over and over again at Genting casino Glasgow over a four-month period. The players were stopped because Genting's observant security experts spotted irregularities.

At this stage, Genting casino has not asked the police to step in but is completing its own investigation into the matter. Some sources suggest that the gang of cheaters could have had an insider on their sides and that therefore Genting is being extra careful with the information it distributes.

According to numerous news reports, the dealer was distracted by the players. The shoe was also interfered with to see the cards.

What's Punto Banco?

Punto Banco, available at Genting Casino and other casinos, is a take on the ever so popular baccarat. Punto stands for punter, banco for bankers and the game gives the player the chance to be either or. The dealer uses a transparent shoe to deal the cards: one of the features of the game that may have cost Genting casino £200,000.

The spokeswoman at Genting, however, did not disclose any more facts. The spokeswoman merely confirmed that Genting was investigating the matter and that - if found to be true - Genting would seek to prosecute the players under section 42 of the gambling act.

Some of the biggest cheats in casino history

This latest incident isn't the biggest casino cheat to have ever taken place. Genting can call itself lucky.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael cheated his way through life. Over a period of four decades, from the 1960s onwards, Carmichael scammed coins out of slot machines.

In 1985 Carmichael was imprisoned for cheating. He used his time in solitude and devised a plan to cheat even better. Once released, after five years, Carmichael left prison and had developed a tool that allowed cheaters to scam money out of newer slot machines. Instead of doing the dirty tricks himself, Carmichael sold the device he had developed to other cheaters; some who bagged $10,000 per with the tool.

Besides Carmichael, one of the most well-known cheaters is the MIT Blackjack Team. The team developed a strategy which took card counting to the next level. As a team of highly functioning individuals, they counted cards and won plenty of dough. Also, a movie was produced on the MIT Blackjack Team. Glasgow's Genting cheaters won't be going to Hollywood; that's for sure.

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