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PokerStars pays out Two Jackpots over $1m in Two Days!

2017-11-07 12:40:25

Whether they are your main draw to the game or not there is no doubt that jackpots are what really bring your attention to the game and so it is no surprise that the most popular progressive jackpot games are the ones that pay out the biggest and the most often. When someone is the recipient of a big jackpot from one of these games they are a lot more likely to talk to their friends about it or get the word out about it somehow. This then increases the jackpot that the next person is able to win and improves their chances of winning it.

This is likely what happened when PokerStars Casino ended up having to pay out huge jackpots of over $1m on two consecutive days to two very lucky players of their ‘Millionaire's Island’. While casino part of the massive PokerStars brand has only been around for a total of two years at this point it has already risen to impressive heights and there is no doubt that the awesome jackpots available to players were a huge contributing factor in this.

One would think that when a casino site has to pay out a big fortune of over a million that it would be somehow bad news for them. However, they often welcome such a win, even if it happens twice in quick succession. The nature of these sites relies on a sort of ‘Gold Rush’ mentality. When players see that someone has won a large amount of money on a site they are a lot more likely to choose that site over its competitors as it has a proven track record of making millionaires, this then improves traffic and deposits. And as this story has shown, lightning can and does strike twice.

The Winners

But this story is less about the casino and more about those extremely lucky winners. The first winner decided to remain anonymous but we do know that he comes from Belarus. While playing ‘Millionaire’s Island’ on only the third day of his account being open (crazy, I know) the message flashed up on the screen telling him that he had been the winner of the insane $2.43 Million!

Initially, his girlfriend assumed that it was some sort of joke he was pulling on her or that he must in some way be mistaken as he hadn’t even been a member for very long at all. He has been quoted as saying: “She did not believe me and thought it was a joke.” Well, they’ll definitely be laughing their way to the bank as they cash in their millions in newfound wealth.

And then the very next day over in Greece a very similar situation occurred. A restaurant owner was playing his favourite online slot, ‘Millionaire’s Island’ on PokerStars and he suddenly found himself to be the winner of a whopping $1.34 Million! He too did not believe the life-changing news at first saying: “I thought it was a dream and I didn’t believe it for a few days,” he said. “It was amazing, I was dancing on the table.” Hopefully, he wasn’t dancing on the tables in his restaurant...

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