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Play Slots on your Android Device now!

2017-09-29 14:13:57

If you have an Android phone or tablet you will no doubt love it, the ease at which you can do things and the variation and choice that it allows you to have on your own device is something that the other mobile phone operating system producers (*cough*..Apple…*cough*) just cannot come close to. The sheer number of different mobile phone makers who have countless different models all running the Android operating system means that the choice is yours in so many ways.

However up until recently if you were an online gaming fanatic and just loved slots you would be somewhat put out by having an android device in your pocket. And here’s why… Android is run by Google, which is actually owned by ‘Alaphabet Inc’ since a name change a couple of years ago. It has been Alphabet/Google’s policy for a very long time to not allow any sort of apps that constitute online gambling on to their Google Play store meaning that it was impossible for an online slots player to download them from the official app store. Booo! Right?

If someone wanted to play their favourite online slots from their favourite game provider or developer they would normally have to go through a third party site in order to download them. Often casino sites would have a link on their ‘mobile’ page which allowed you to download their slots from the website itself which was a sort of solution to the problem. But it wasn’t perfect, security conscious people would have a somewhat hard time bringing themselves to downloading an app from anywhere other than the Play Store even though the casinos are trustworthy. As well as that it was simply more work as one had to change their settings on their phone to be able to install apps from unknown sources which was just another step in the process.

New Rules

Thankfully, however, Alphabet Inc has finally seen the light on this issue. After a whole load of campaigning from Online Slot fans and providers alike, they have finally relaxed their stance on the hosting of online gaming apps and will now accept them on the Play Store for you to download and play instantly!

This is really great news for anyone who likes to play online slots as the Android platform and the mobile platform, in general, is a really great way for you to play your favourite games as it is fast, easy and convenient to play on.

The relaxing of the rules also obviously affects the sports betting world in a great way too, now a whole lot more online betting apps will start popping up on the Play Store if that is of any interest to you.

You can expect that over the coming months more and more online gaming sites will release tailor-made Android apps to the play store as well as individual slot games for you to download and play on your Android device. Make sure to keep an eye out for these as even if your favourite slot games/provider has not yet made their app available on the platform they very well may be doing so soon.

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