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Play Fantastic Slots at Spin Palace

2017-07-19 14:08:03

Each spin is different, and users have no idea if fortune lurks around the corner. With the improvement in technology, more people are playing slots online than in store now and Spin Palace has a fantastic range of slots to choose from. Classic slots remain hugely popular, whilst state of the art video slots continue to surprise. Progressive jackpot slots will always be popular with the possibility of a life-changing win, and all 3 of these can be found at Spin Palace.

Classic Slots

Classic Slots are also known as Reel Slots and are similar to the original Slots machines of the 1900s found in New York and San Francisco. The majority of classic slots contain only 3 reels and very few pay lines, as well as minimalist graphics and reel symbols with old-school patterns. Fruit, shapes, dollar signs and bars add to the authentic feel of these popular Spin Palace slots.

Classic slots are the number one choice for Slots purists but they’re also perfect for beginners who are just learning how spinning the reels really work. Modern slots can at times be confusing or overwhelming and we would advise trying out Spin Palace’s classic portfolio to get a feel for the genre.