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Penny for your thoughts? £50 sounds better!

2017-07-26 07:40:01

Paddy Power are no strangers to off the wall marketing campaigns and their latest promotion is as out there as their previous offerings. The company who recently built a 140ft tall Theresa May in Dover and brought a giant Hollywood style sign to Cheltenham are now offering their vocal clients the chance to win £50 for simply commenting on their blog.

Paddy Power News

Paddy Power have one of the most popular blogs in the online betting industry and it’s easy to see why. Firstly Paddy Power News is packed with content, categorised into four main topics: Football, Horse Racing, Propaganda and Politics. There is also a ‘More’ option which covers all other articles such as Television, WWE, MMA Boxing, Golf and much more sports. The blog is updated several times a day with new articles as well as a selection of Paddy Power’s most popular tweets and Facebook posts. The blog posts range from interviews with leading sports personalities and business moguls to opinion pieces, jackpot stories and updates on the latest betting promotions. One thing you can be sure of on the Paddy Power blog is the news being delivered with that unique sense of Paddy Power humour!

£50 Up for Grabs

Comment sections online display the full spectrum of humanity from thoughtful insights and humorous observations to scandalous remarks and the odd crazy rant. They have become a cornerstone of the internet both delighting and infuriating users. Some of the best online commentators have broken out of the comment boxes to become internet royalty. American comedian Kenneth McCarthy, known online as Ken M, has carved out a career as a hilariously inept internet troll, a talent that has seen featured on Time Magazine’s list of the Most Influential People on the Internet alongside Kanye West, J.K. Rowling and Donald Trump!

Paddy Power are now offering their blog followers the chance to win a £50 bet every week by simply commenting on their posts. Paddy Power are on the hunt for witty and amusing puns, jokes and comments from all their users. To take you’ll need a Paddy Power account and an opinion that takes the judges fancy. You can make as many comments as you like during the promotional period between 00:00 on Monday and 23:59 on Sunday to maximise your chances of winning. The winner at the end of each week is awarded a £50 free bet.

There are no set criteria for the comments but this being Paddy Power they are partial to a good joke. The only thing that they ask from commentators is to “bring a bit of sunshine to our lives”. For some inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing look no further than the previous contest winners. Dominic Dowd scoped the £50 prize for offering up his wife in exchange for a VIP trip to Las Vegas as part of a Paddy Power competition; “Would literally trade the missus for this, c’mon the paddy p”. Nadir Hassan also opted for a humorous approach commenting “ Didn’t realise a hostile takeover of Paddy Power had been launched by deluded Brendan” on an article about the bookmaker's decision to pay out on bets on Celtic to win the Scottish league title a year early.

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