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PartyCasino's Loyalty System

2017-08-18 06:22:50

Many online gaming companies will offer you a sort of loyalty programme that you can be a part of and be a part of. The reasoning behind this is simple, when you are rewarded for being a reliable and loyal customer you are more likely to stay that way, to keep coming back again and again to the site and making more deposits and playing more of the wonderful games the site has to offer. The major benefit for the player is, of course, the awesome prizes that they can claim simply by being a member of your favourite gaming site.
PartyCasino takes this to a whole other level with its loyalty system that gives great rewards to its most loyal of players.

How It Works

The PartyCasino way of doing things is a little different from the rest of the crowd, as you work your way up the loyalty levels (explained below) you will earn more and more loyalty points. These loyalty points can then be taken and spent in the Points Store on anything that you can afford in there. This is great and very special as it means that you have a huge amount of choice and freedom in your rewards. Don’t want to spend all your points now? No problem, let them stack up and you can make off with an even better prize thanks to your patience and loyalty to PartyCasino.

How To Get Points

There is only one way to add Loyalty Points to your steady growing collection, all you have to do is place wagers down on your favourite games. You probably won’t even notice that you’re earning them as you won’t have to do anything different or strange to get them, just continue in what you would normally do on the site anyway and the points will find their way to you.

Here is a breakdown of what the minimum wagers you must place on each game type to earn yourself one loyalty point:

Type Of Game----------------------------------Bet Required Per Loyalty Point
Video Poker/Roulette/All Table & Live Games*-------------£$€125
*Excluding Live Blackjack

Loyalty Levels

In the PartyCasino loyalty programme there are a couple of levels for you to progress through as you earn loyalty points. Your loyalty level is simply determined by the amount of Loyalty Points you have accrued over time.

Here is a table of what the minimum points necessary for each level are:

Loyalty Level--------------------------Points Required
Gold ---------------------------------------------750
VIP-----------------------------------------Invite Only*

What do these levels do? I hear you ask, well it’s simple really. The higher the level you are the more value you will get in the points shop and the more you will be able to buy with your Loyalty Points.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to PartyCasino pronto and start earning your Loyalty Points as you play.

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