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Paddy Power's Live Casino Roulette Games

2018-04-08 09:00:00

Below we will look at Paddy Power's Live Casino roulette section.

Live Casino Roulette Tables

Paddy Power has an impressive range of live roulette tables, each with their own glamorous, friendly and professional host. Spins occur every minute, with each showing a history of previous numbers. A wheel graphic shows the regularity of each number winning, as does a numbers column. Similarly ‘Hot/Cold’ shows the Paddy Power user which numbers are running hot and cold. Bet placement is a simple process with the roulette table and relevant chips in the centre of the screen.

There are 13 regular roulette tables: ‘PP Roulette’, ‘Prestige Roulette’, ‘Grand Roulette’, ‘Speed Roulette’, ‘Vesta Roulette’, ‘Aphrodite Roulette’, ‘Diamond Roulette’, ‘Pearl Roulette’, ‘Phoenix Roulette’ (Chinese version), ‘Sapphire Room Roulette’, ‘Nefertiti Roulette’, ‘Athena Roulette’ and ‘London Roulette’. Despite the large selection, rules are invariably the same. Paddy Power customers can bet between £$€0.10 and £$€200 each spin.

French Roulette

There are 5 French Roulette tables currently available, ‘Vesta Roulette French’, ‘Phoenix Roulette French’, ‘Pearl Roulette French’ and ‘Diamond Roulette French’. If green zero comes up, Paddy Power will refund half your stake where the La Partage rule applies.

Dual Roulette

Dual Roulette allows the Paddy Power user to play two roulette games simultaneously, by choosing which games to play and clicking ‘Start’.

How To Play

A short 55-second video is available on the Paddy Power Live Casino page, underlining the simplicity of the game. Nevertheless, starting these games can at times be overwhelming and this short demo should put newcomers’ minds at ease.

Game Rules

An extensive list of roulette game rules is available on the Paddy Power Live Casino section. Certainly, these rules will also interest roulette regulars given the depth of detail.
Below are some details, whilst a complete list of rules is available on site:
  • Limits – As with all casinos, limits apply and Paddy Power is no different. “Minimum and maximum position limits are applied to all tables, meaning that all your bets on available positions must be within the limits indicated under the table limits panel…. Some tables also have a minimum and maximum table limit, meaning that the sum of your bets must be within the limits. These limits are also known as the limit panel.”

  • Voided Games - Games will be voided should the following errors occur:

- Ball fails to make at least three complete revolutions of the wheel
- The dealer accidentally spins the ball in the same direction as the wheel
- The dealer accidentally spins the ball out of the wheel or the ball hits the wheel and spins out
- The dealer accidentally spins the ball while preparing to spin
- The dealer accidentally spins the ball in the same direction as the previous hand
- The dealer did not notice that the roulette wheel stopped spinning before and after he/she spun the wheel


A paytable is also visible on Paddy Power’s main roulette page, showing the odds of popular bets such as ‘Straight Up’, ‘Line Bet’ and ‘Corner Bet’. Again, any questions on these bets can be answered in the ‘Game Rules’ section.

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