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Paddy Power Poke Fun At Rangers!

2017-10-13 12:47:00

If you happen to be a rangers fan then you know all about the unfortunate luck (or lack thereof) that the club has been experiencing in recent times. And it makes it all the more gut wrenching to see the blue’s biggest rival from across the city Celtic are making moves, despite their 5-0 loss against the fabulous and now Neymar holding PSG in the Champions League.

That loss must have put the Paddy Power prank in perspective and will definitely have lessened some of the sting from it too. Especially since the betting giant put Rangers in their site after their own embarrassing loss against Luxemburg team Progres Niederkorn.

The team had its European dreams dashed when the tiny Luxembourg team beat Rangers 2-0 in which caused them to lose the tie on aggregate 2-1.

This then led to Paddy Power doing yet another one of their trademarked cheeky stunts. This time they decided to go right to the home of Rangers FC at Ibrox in Glasgow to do their work. The jibe came in the form of a faux-construction site beside which stood two men dressed as builders and some signs saying ‘Caution: Work In Progress’ in order to highlight the fact that Rangers have a lot of work to do before they can be considered top-flight like they used to be.

The tweet, which was sent out on the night of the own medicine tasting Celtic vs PSG match contained a picture of the pretend workmen and the following copy: “Rangers fans are green with envy that Celtic are back in the Champions League tonight, so we sent in some Bhoys to help with their rebuild”.