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Paddy Power Player Wins £1,290,000 on Wild Wild West Slot

2017-09-01 10:55:38

Another Paddy Power punter has won over a million pounds at the Paddy Power casino. The latest Paddy Power winner scooped a whopping £1,290,000 on the sites Wild Wild West jackpot slot. The lucky player from London was left stunned and staring at their laptop screen in disbelief after realizing they’d just become a millionaire!

Shock and awe

Speaking to Paddy Power News the lucky London player described the win. At first, he was left dumbfounded when jackpot flashed across the screen and he has only recently come to terms with his new-found wealth. When asked what it feels like to be a millionaire he mused; “Let me tell you, it feels alright! At first, I didn’t realise what was actually going on. Now I’ve had time to process it a little bit more, it feels very, very good.”.

This wasn’t the first time he’d played his way to the jackpot round on the Wild Wild West slot. He’d been there before so he knew what to expect but he’d never hit the top prize before. “I got into the jackpot round, which I’ve actually hit a few times in the past. But this time the screens started moving up and down and slowly this amount just appeared on the screen -£1.2m. I just stared at the screen for what must have been 5 minutes – I’m not sure I even blinked! I had to make sure it was right! So many zeros… So little time!”.

Like most big jackpot winners, he was astonished by the win but also, at least initially, a bit skeptical. It’s quite common for winners to think that they’ve being scammed or someone is playing a cruel joke on them. It was only after he had gotten his friend to verify the win that the Paddy Power player allowed himself to celebrate with a few beers. “Soon after that, I rang my best mate who lives close by and he came around. I asked him to make sure I wasn’t going mad and verify it. Obviously, when we realised it was true we had a beer to celebrate.”.

Perfect Timing

We’ve all heard horror stories in the past about money changing people for the worse but the latest Paddy Power millionaire is determined to not let that happen to him. He says his feet will remain firmly on the ground and plans to share his good fortune with others. “The best part is now I get to plan what to do with it with my family – the fun stuff! I really want to share my happiness with others.”.

The win couldn’t have come at a better time, although winning big at any time is great when you’re in the process of moving-house it’s all the sweeter; ““The timing is perfect because I am in the process of relocating house – so this will help this procedure no end and allow me to purchase it without worry or stress. I also want to share my winnings with people I love – my family, my children, my friends.”.

Speaking about sharing his million with others he added; “I’ll also be able to help my best friend get on the property ladder – which is an amazing feeling, knowing I’m able to help him with that.”

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