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Paddy Power pays out on Massive 19 Match Accumulator!

2017-09-04 07:01:01

Accumulators are great fun, they up the tension of every game extraordinarily. Not only are you betting on one game to go a certain way but you are hoping that every game that you have placed a bet on will go your way or else you will lose your stake. And that’s where the thrill of it comes in, these accumulator bets are the definition of high risk – high rewards betting and when they do pay out it can be a fantastic moment for the punter.

That is why it was absolutely stunning to both the punter and the bookmaker Paddy Power when on Thursday the 10th of August 2017 a huge 19 bet accumulator or ACCA as they’re sometimes known managed to make its way across the finish line and earn the lucky punter, who has decided to remain anonymous but is from the Dublin Area. a sweet €41,081 prize for his initial €50 stake!

The man made his bet on Paddy Power’s online betting site where making accumulator bets is quick and simple. This particular accumulator branching over a varying number of different competitions and pre-season games with many different clubs which, according to Paddy Power made it all the more impressive: “At this early stage of the season there’s little or no form to read into so to land a 19-team accumulator is genuinely remarkable.”

The first game in the accumulator bet was the UEFA Super Cup Showdown between Real Madrid and Manchester United in which Real Madrid won in some comfort which would have definitely emboldened the punter and given him confidence. The endeavour could have very easily gone south for the Dublin man soon after however when the game between Barnsley and Morecambe came ridiculously close with a 3-3 draw in injury time until a 95th-minute goal by Ryan Hedges saw Barnsley go home with the win and let the mystery punter continue his accumulator.

The accumulator continued to survive with correct bets on winning teams through sixteen more games, each one no doubt more nerve wrecking than the last, until the final match of the accumulator… lucky number 19. The game was between Bury and Sunderland in the Football League Cup (Carling Cup) First Round, it was the first time the teams had met in over ten years with the previous encounter seeing a then much weaker Sunderland walking away as losers after being beaten 2-0. Fortunately, Sunderland having improved over the years were able to avoid a repeat of this result and won the game 1-0.

At the time of the final whistle, it would be no surprise if the exact opposite emotions were being felt by Paddy Power, a massive win for the punter and a rather sizeable loss for the betting giant. Thankfully though Paddy Power have been great sports about the whole thing and will gladly pay out to the punter noting:
“I don’t use the term often but this is weapons-grade punting…
“He may have cleaned us out but we hope that he enjoys his winnings and we’re only too happy to pay for the celebrations.”

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