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Paddy Power has EU’s back, even if Theresa May doesn’t!

2017-07-12 14:43:01

Paddy Power are no strangers to a good publicity stunt and this latest PR move is up there with their most abrasive stunts. Paddy Power won’t be on Theresa May’s Christmas card list this year as the massive statue isn’t particularly flattering. The massive statue took a large 12-man team and a whole week to put up on the picturesque Cliffs of Dover. Paddy Power claim that the statue sends a “clear message to the UK’s soon to be former EU neighbours, even if the general election results didn’t.

Don't go to Dover, Theresa

Theresa May might be very occupied with Brexit negotiations along with trying to piece together a government and whatnot, but if she’s looking for a relaxing getaway, Dover should not be top of the pile. Paddy Power’s May statue features legs which are a lengthy 10m tall, while her fingernails are over five foot long. The Irish bookmakers will be looking to poke fun at May and the UK in order to attract new online users from EU countries and indeed the UK as well, as May isn’t very popular in the UK either. Paddy Power doesn’t appear to think Theresa May has a lot of political credentials by reporting that the statue is lifelike as it is “two-dimensional and largely wooden”. If May was a Paddy Power fan beforehand, they might have lost a customer.