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Paddy Power acknowledges Brexit negotiations in true PP style!

2017-07-07 07:39:38

The huge statue took a 12-man team a whole week to erect, and the bookies claim it sends a “clear message to the UK’s soon-to-be former EU neighbours, even if the general election results didn’t”.

A not-so-discreet dig at the PM

May’s legs are a gigantic 10m tall, whilst her fingernails alone are more than five-foot long. The cheeky bookmakers had a pop at the British Prime Minister, telling how they believe the statue is very lifelike because it is “two-dimensional and largely wooden”.

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “I’m really proud of this statue, if only because it’s the first time that I can legitimately claim to have a huge erection.
“During construction, it was both strong and stable, but soon went weak and wobbly when the winds changed..about as stable as a partnership with the DUP.”

After an election campaign to forget for Theresa May, Paddy Power make it odds-on that more than one Prime Minister will be involved in Brexit talks at 2/7, and just 13/8 that a second election will be called this year.

The chances of May performing a U-Turn, something Paddy Power described as her “party piece”, and deciding that the UK should instead Remain in the EU, are rated at 20/1.

No Stranger to Controversy

This isn’t the first time Paddy Power has performed such a step. In the lead up to the 2016 Olympics, Russian athletes were embroiled in a state-sponsored doping scandal. In response, Paddy Power placed a medal amnesty box outside the Russian embassy, urging them to hand over their medals.

After Manchester United’s struggles became desperate under their former manager David Moyes, Paddy Power erected a wax statue of his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson outside Old Trafford. Contained in a glass box, the model was covered by a sign saying: ‘In the case of Emergency at Old Trafford, Break Glass.’

While the latest stunt will be certain to upset a certain group of people in the UK, it won’t be the first time they’ll receive complaints from that side of the water. In 2010, the TV advert showing a cat being kicked into a tree by a blind footballer was the most complained-about UK advert of the year.

About Theresa May

Theresa Mary May MP is a British politician who has served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016, the second woman to hold both positions. She has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. She identifies herself ideologically as a one-nation conservative.

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