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2017-04-19 14:40:43

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Theresa May called the general election. Aside from its massive political implications, another election also means another chance at winning big. On Paddy Power the odds for a Green party majority on the 8th of June currently stand at 300 to 1. To bet on the Tories might be safer, as is sticking to the super offer available in the Paddy Power Casino since last June.

How about a jackpot a day?

For the past months, Paddy Power Casino has been running a promotion called Daily Jackpots. In typical Paddy Power style, the casino promotes its offer and explains how it works in an entertaining video advert.

A security man at a casino finds himself twisting, turning and quite bored at staring at the screens that show happy people in a casino. Seconds later, he gets out his phone and has “a cheeky little dabble”. He is giving the Paddy Power Casino promotion Daily Jackpots a try.

Aside from the adverts comedic qualities, the Paddy Power Casino ad is also enticing: The Daily Jackpots are slot games that come with a huge jackpot prize that is won every single day. Furthermore, these Paddy Power Casino jackpots aren't static but grow. From the moment players jump out of bed to the time they find themselves right back in bed the jackpot increases. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, the jackpot goes to its lucky winner.

More bang for your buck at Paddy Power Casino

This isn't all though: Paddy Power Casino also offers players ten free spins on its daily jackpots. To avail of the offer, players have to visit the Paddy Power Casino, enter their telephone number on the website and will receive a so-called clever code sent directly to their phones.
The free spins are available to both existing and new customers. Best of all, the free spins do not even require a deposit!

Paddy Power Casino pays out huge sums

Let's talk numbers: Ever since Paddy Power Casino launched the promotion less than a year ago, in June 2016, the Irish gaming giant has paid out over £1.2 million. The company confirmed that one in every three wins was claimed on a spin of less than £1.
The luckiest winner to date entered the game with a spin of 20p and netted an insane £53,000.
Paddy Power Casino players have a choice of 14 games that offer the daily jackpot, including the magical Winter Wonders, the quirky Puss N'Boots and the sexy Wild Wild Chest slots.
“It’ll be the most exciting thing to happen to your phone since that Tinder match you got the other night,” promises Paddy Power Casino and further adds that, “Your chances of landing a jackpot have never been greater.”

Banking on Paddy Power Casino and its boisterous new promotion are most likely wiser than hoping on the Greens to take the absolute majority on that faithful day in June. Certainly, it's more fun than observing yet another political gamble.

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