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Novibet - A UK Casino and Sportsbook

2018-07-18 13:12:59

It can be a difficult choice to make, picking a first, or new, online casino to sign up with. There are so many things to consider.


When it comes to the basics of web design, user-experience is the most important factor in determining whether a visitor will return to a site. It’s no different with online casinos. The layout and navigation of the site have to be straightforward. Casinos focus on keeping their site-maps simple. The “two-click rule” comes into play - visitors should be able to find the general area they are looking for within two clicks of arriving at the casino site. Online casino players want to get straight into the action, just like they can at

A quick trip to Novibet’s homepage allows you to access hundreds and hundreds of slots, within seconds. It’s a colourful sight that greets you there, with the ever-changing jackpots sum displayed for all to see. You can check out the various promotions, bonus offers, and, of course, the welcome bonus.