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New games on board at Casino Cruise!

2017-07-10 14:27:39

Scruffy Duck

Another fantastic NetEnt game hits Casino Cruise, this time the game shares a watery theme with the site but it subs out the salt water of the sea for the freshwater of a quiet and tranquil lake. As the title suggests however the lake is not completely empty, the game has a couple of cute characters and symbols that can win you big money and make your game all the more exciting.

The 5 reels and 25 paylines are complimented nicely by the addition of the wilds feature and the ability to win some free spins. This game is simply a great slot and its cartoony design mixed with its fast and exciting gameplay make it a duck load of fun!

La Rouge

If you have any sort of penchant or love for the days of film noir with its black and white grittiness and its somewhat camp seriousness then you’ll absolutely adore this slot. As well as taking cues from the detective movies of old it has obviously also been inspired by the vivid aesthetics and contrasting black and white with red theme from the graphic novel-cum-film series Sin City.

The design of this slot is simply gorgeous to look at with its back alley background and slot symbols that so fitting to the aesthetic while simultaneously standing out thanks to their dashes of red and dynamic design. With free spins and bonuses galore this slot also has great gameplay making it a game you should really check out.

Forbidden Throne

A slightly different direction now but definitely one that still knows its place in the genre with its very detailed and deliberate artwork and design. Forbidden throne too has gorgeous art but this time it is on the theme of medieval fantasy. The extremely detailed drawings that must have taken a heck of a lot of time and effort by the artists involved really add to the overall feel and enjoyability of the slot. Immersion is really the name of the game with Forbidden Throne as everything from the sound effects to the beautiful background of a mysterious and magical land draws the player in and envelopes them in the game’s world.

A Leap of Faith for Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is clearly taking a big leap with the adding of new games as there is no way that they could know if they are going to be successful or not, however with these games there is pretty much no way they could fail and it is a great testament to the fine folks over at Casino Cruise that they were able to pick such a good and high-quality batch of games. This kind of quality control will no doubt work out for them in the future as it will help them to build a better and stronger relationship with their customers who are their most valuable assets of all.

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