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Mr Green relaunches online casino Garbo

2017-06-26 12:08:46

'We believe that Garbo has the potential to become a strong, global brand, just like Mr Green,' says Per Norman, CEO of Mr Green & Co. 'This is a cost-efficient introduction due to the fact that we can take advantage of Mr Green's competences, digital knowledge and supplier relations. The first version of Garbo is built for mobile users on the same technology platform as Mr Green which gives significant scale advantages.'

Behind the Scenes

The site is owned by Oskar Mühlbach, who joined Mr Green in early 2016. Prior to Mr Green, he was a member of the teams behind the e-commerce sites Footway and Lensway. Mühlbach has a team of four, and one of their responsibilities is Garbo.
'It's just fantastic to be in the position to relaunch Garbo', states Oskar Mühlbach. 'Garbo will have a catchy, clever tonality, Garbo will be fun, crisp and at the same time personal. There is a big number of mobile gaming sites on the Swedish market, however, with Garbo's sometimes provocative profile, I believe there is a position open for us.'