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Mr Green casino are showing their true colour!

2017-07-24 09:44:08

Going green(er)!

Online gaming operator Mr Green is looking to do their bit for the environment by backing an initiative to clean the coastal waters around the Island of Malta. Mr Green has their company headquarters located in Malta, so this will please the local Maltese people. Mr Green feel that it is important to do their bit for the planet and cleaner coastal waters will be a magnificent boost for Malta and Mr Green’s customers.

A Summer of Clean Seas

Mr Green will be working together with the International Ocean Institute and the University of Malta, over the summer in order to take direct action to maintain healthy and clean waters for the people and wildlife of Malta. Mr Green will also have the helping hands of some students this summer. University students from the University of York in the UK, who are studying for an MSc in Marine Environmental Management will be getting their feet wet, in order to help Mr Green with this great initiative. Mr Green has many customers who use the online gaming operator as a source of entertainment and they will be delighted to see that Mr Green also cares a great deal about the offline world. Mr Green employees will take part in the project through a volunteering programme in which they will join the students on the Mr Green- branded rib boat which will be used for the clean seas project.