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More about 'Sandam' and her wins at BGO!

2017-05-24 13:13:33

This month, BGO hit the headlines: the gaming company was fined £300,000 by the Gambling Commission for advertising failings. The Commission found that BGO had published advertisements that could "potentially" mislead players. What has been common practice within the gaming industry, to use terms such as "free bets", is increasingly turning into a grey area when used in advertising. The regulators are increasingly asking companies to be more specific. Just when BGO thought things couldn't get worse, the company hit the headlines again this month.

Positive press for BGO

"Lighting really does strike twice," commented BGO in a press release. The company was referring to a lucky BGO winner. The winner, who plays under the name "Sandam", scooped £1.13 million on Good Friday, playing MegaJackpots Star Lanterns.

That, however, wasn't where the story ended. Three and a half weeks later, "Sandam" was back. Minutes later, she found herself winning the jackpot in the same game again: an additional £627,000.
"Statistically, there's more chance of being struck by lightning (10 million to 1), giving birth to identical quadruplets (13 million to 1), winning an Oscar (only 11,500 to 1) or being attacked by a shark (11.5 million to 1) than scooping the two wins on BGO's MegaJackpots Star Lanterns game," commented BGO on the event.