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Mobile Betting at Spin Palace Sports

2017-09-22 09:15:26

Optimised Betting

You’ll never miss out on placing your bet, as you’ll have access to Spin Palace Sports on the go. Optimised for use on all popular smartphone and tablet operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows, this mobile betting app will change the way you wager.

Betting Markets

Spin Palace Sports brings you the widest range of sports betting markets. From golf to football, rugby to tennis, cricket to American football and just about everything in between. In addition to an extensive range of sports markets, Spin Palace also offers a range of election bets and novelty bets. At Spin Palace Sports there are many betting possibilities, some of which are detailed below.

Fixed Odds Betting Explained

With mobile online betting, knowing the many types of bets available is the first step in becoming a successful gambler. At Spin Palace Sports there is a number of different betting options for each market. The most popular type of bet offered on sports is fixed odds betting. Fixed odds are where bettors know the exact odds they will be paid out at the time of placing their bet. Once the bet has been placed, the odds can shift up or down but will not affect the payout on the completion of the bet.

Pool Betting Explained

Another form of betting which is mostly associated with horse racing is pool betting or pari-mutuel betting. Unlike fixed odds bets, pool bets are only known once the event has closed for betting. With pari-mutuel betting, all the same types of bets are collected in a central (pool). Once the betting site has taken their processing fee, the remaining funds are split between the winning bets. As a result, a bettor has no knowledge of how much he or she will win until the completion of the bet.

Parlay Bets Explained

With horse racing and American sports, parlay or multi-bets are quite common. Parlay bets involve combining two or more bets into a single betting slip. This is most commonly found at horseracing meets where a number of races are run on the same day. An example of a parlay bet would bet predicting the winner or a placed horse in the first three races of the day. If a bettor were to place three separate bets, they would win the amount of each bet individually.

However, with multi-bets, each bet added to the betting slip multiplies the payout. This means that a bet of three combined two or three combined bets pays out significantly more than the sum of their individual winnings. The only downside to multi-betting is that every single bet on the slip has to be a winner for the bet to be deemed successful. If a bet is placed on three different races and only two of them win, the entire betting slip is deemed a non-winner.

Futures/Ante-Post Betting Explained

In most cases, futures bets offer the best odds, as the event itself is usually a number of weeks or even months away. Futures bets are standard fixed odds bets placed on events that are not going to take place in the near future. For example, future bets can be placed at the beginning of the football season on which team will win the FA Cup, the Premier League and the Champions League. As the season progresses, the betting odds will shift according to how the teams are performing and how likely they are to win the title. The further in advance, the bet is placed, the better the odds will be.

Over/Under Bets

Another popular type of bet is the over/under bet also known as total betting. With over/under bets, the online bookmakers will set a total combined score for the match. Bettors then placed fixed odds bets on whether the total will be over or under the amount set by the bookmaker. For example, a rugby match between England and Ireland could have a total set at 50.5. This is the combined score of both teams at the end of the match. Bettors can then choose to bet that the total score will be below 50 or above 51.

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