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Mika Hakkinen Champions Unibet

2017-05-29 12:35:44

The double F1 world Championship winner won’t just be popping up on advertisements for the site but will also have a much more hands-on position within the company. In this role, he will be consulting on the creation of new media content and advertisements that will promote the firm.

Hakkinen's Expertise

Unibet will also use his expertise in Formula 1 to lend a hand in strategy when it comes to Unibet’s expansion and advertising in that betting market. Häkkinen, nicknamed the "Flying Finn", won the Formula 1 Driver's Championship in both 1998 and 1999 driving for team West McLaren Mercedes. The advertisements that the “Flying Finn” of Unibet is going to produce will apparently include snippets of his internal monologues before a race, and analyses of his actions during it.

Hakkinen announced his Unibet partnership to his followers on Twitter with a tweet simply saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, very proud to join Team Unibet! Hope to share you some insights for the coming season..”
Hakkinen also noted that Unibet is a top provider of online sports betting and that he is pleased to be a part of their team.

Since Hakkinen joined the Unibet team he has been writing articles and other such op-ed pieces on his thoughts on the 2017 F1 season which have all gone over rather well and drummed up continued publicity and notoriety for the Unibet brand. In these articles on the Unibet website, the two-time F1 winner has made sage comments and wise ponderings with regard to many different facets of the sport from movements of racers to team’s chances in the season ahead. All of this content will, of course, be exclusive and will, therefore, serve as a further incentive to visit the Unibet site.

Chris Kamara's Ladbrokes Role

The idea of celebrities promoting betting companies isn’t a new one of course, at this month’s Betting On Football Conference Ladbrokes brand ambassador Chris Kamara talked about working with them since 1999 and how the strategy has changed from being just about the celebrity to now where they “talk about the actual betting and we make them funny.” Kamara then joked about his role in the company’s advertising campaigns “My wife was gutted with the ad when I dress up as women because I have bigger boobs than her”, he joked. “At least we have the same size bum”, he said smiling.

What’s next for Unibet?

Many have speculated that the appointment of Hakkinen in the role of brand ambassador is not the last that Unibet will make as this year alone they have made three other such high profile hirings. In February the betting site appointed the Irish poker pair Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin alongside English poker legend Ian Simpson to promote the brand and advise the company much in the way that Hakkinen does. These additions to their ambassadorial team will no doubt be a boon to Unibet’s brand recognition and respect and it improves their ability to attract other such sporting icons to the brand ambassador team.

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