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MGM and Gamblit Gaming join forces

2017-06-07 16:02:41

Gamblit Gaming’s platform provides all required technology, customer operations, and licenses which free up game developers, publishers and casino operators to focus on making the best imaginable gaming experience for their casino players. Gamblit Gaming has deep roots in both video games and casinos.

Bound to go from Strength to Strength

MGM Resorts International which is one of the world’s leading global hospitality businesses has joined forces with Gamblit Gaming which should bring about a very successful partnership in the future. Gamblit Gaming who is the leading publisher for the physical casino are world renowned for their skill-based gaming for real money. The partnership will look to bring together Gamblit Gaming’s creative skill-based gaming expertise to several properties within the MGM Resorts portfolio, beginning with the “level up” at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eric Meyerhofer who is CEO of Gamblit Gaming is extremely excited about this new project and can’t wait for the partnership and new business venture to take off. He stated “We’re excited to continue to evolve the casino space through our partnership with MGM Resorts with its incredible reach and mutual drive toward innovation. MGM Resorts shares our objective of bringing groundbreaking entertainment experiences that engage customers in an entirely new way.”

Hitting the ground running

There was no time wasted between Gamblit Gaming and MGM Resorts International as Gamblit Gaming’s technologically advanced “Model G” interactive game tables are already up and running at the level up gaming lounge at the world’s most popular casino the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas which is, of course, the casino and gambling capital of the world. This brings an elusive gaming experience and excitement to the casino floor. The Gamblit Gaming Model G game table allows casino players play individually or with friends in groups of between two to four players. The Gamblit Gaming Model G game table also allows players such fantastic services such as a USB charging port at each of the four positions surrounding a shared 42” touchscreen. Gamblit Gaming offer many renowned titles and two of these elusive games can now be played at the MGM Grand including Gamblit poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure.

A New Venture

Bosses of Gamblit Gaming are said to be extremely excited about this new business relationship and Chief Marketing Officer of Gamblit Gaming Darion Lowenstein commented that “I grew up in video game arcades and loved level up at MGM Grand at first sight! The fun and social environment is a perfect fit for Gamblit’s high-energy, arcade-like gaming experiences.”

Pending final regulatory approval, Gamblit Gaming aims to launch both new hardware and games at additional MGM Resorts properties along the Las Vegas strip that promises to be a major success. Gamblit Gaming develops and publishes a wide variety of games that brings a casual, arcade sense of excitement, fun and silly to the casino market. Gamblit Gaming also taps into the lucrative revenue streams of land-based casinos.

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