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mFortune’s Winners Wall – Celebrating the Fortunate

2017-09-22 11:37:17

mFortune is one of the best out there for giving props to their winners, if you win big enough they might just send you one of those huge novelty cheques and have your picture featured right there on their site alongside the other lucky people who have won big on mFortune games. The winners circle over at mFortune is a veritable hall of fame of the most prolific and talented players on the site.

Could you be so lucky as to be added to this list? Well, all you have to do to be in with a chance of having your name in lights alongside the big winners is to keep playing all of your favourite games at mFortune! The site will keep track of how much you win and will get in contact with you if you have been lucky enough to feature on their coveted winners' wall!

Winners Wall

The Winners section of the mFortune site is rather easy to find, it is simply located on the bottom right-hand corner of the site’s main page.

Clicking on this will bring you to the winner’s circle page where you will see a whole bunch of smiling faces holding huge novelty cheques and looking altogether rather content with how their mFortune experience has panned out thus far, and why wouldn’t they be they have just won a monstrous amount of cash and are being celebrated for it on the very the very site they won the money from!

Total Prize Money

If there’s one thing that mFortune is not ashamed to shout out to the world it is the sheer amount of money they have given away to the many deserving winners who frequent their site. It is definitely a source of great pride for them to be able to change people’s lives by turning a normal gaming experience into one of great joy with a jackpot win.

It is also a great opportunity for them to do a little bit of marketing while they’re at it, what’s more attractive to a prospective player than seeing just how much certain people have won playing the games on mFortune and seeing just how much was won altogether?

That is why this winners page also holds a banner across the top of it that says ‘Total Prize Payouts In The Last 30 Days’. This number of course changes rather regularly as more and more players win great cash prizes but at time of writing it sat at a whopping £41,914,782.49! Just imagine getting a sweet slice of that pie, I don’t know anyone who would turn it down.

It just goes to show how good a chance that every player has to win at least something (even if it is not a monster jackpot) because if they are willing and able to give out over £40 million every single month then it’s not that much of a stretch to think you might be in with a shot of getting a nice little payout too.

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