Making Your Own Jackpotjoy Account

2017-12-21 15:38:00

If you would like to start your casino days at Jackpotjoy or if you’re a seasoned veteran who just wants to give the Jackpotjoy website a go for all your casino endeavours then you won’t get very far at all without registering to the site by making an account. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have an account yet then you can very easily make one in no time at all and with very little hassle thanks to the design and user-friendliness of the site.

Here are the steps that are necessary to set up your very own Jackpotjoy account so that you too can join the millions of Jackpotjoy customers playing games there now.

Step 1

The very first step starts off at the front page of the website, if you are unfamiliar with the site this is your launching off point for the entirety of the site and you will be coming back here very often when you make your visits to the site as a member of it. Simply head over to to get started with your registration process.

The second half of this step involves only one click. You will need to find the “Join Now” button on the site’s main page which shouldn’t take too long thanks to it standing out from the rest of the site. You can find it up in the right-hand corner of the page right next to the Login button.

Step 2

After you have been brought to the next page you will be able to properly start your registration process. The first thing you will have to enter is your email address, use one that you use on a regular basis as you will be getting some emails from Jackpotjoy about awesome promotions and great deals so you want to be able to see those before they run out.

Then you select your title and put in your first and surnames into the boxes provided so that they know it is you.

After this, you enter your currency so that you will be able to see the site in the right one. Then put in your date of birth, of course only people over the age of 18 are allowed to make an account so keep this in mind.

Finally, select your gender and click on the ‘Next Step’ button below it to continue.

Step 3

The next step creates your online details, such as your Username/Chatname. Get as creative as you like with this as it will follow you around the site as a replacement for your real name.

Then you will have to enter your password into the box provided. When you have done this you will need to enter it again to make sure no mistakes were made in the process.

After you have done this click on “Next Step” again to continue.

Step 4

This last step gets you to put in your physical address in the first box. Start typing and it will begin to suggest places, select where you are and fill in all of the details regarding that when the boxes for those pop up.

Then you have to enter your mobile number for verification purposes followed by your mother’s maiden name as a security question.

If you were referred by a friend to Jackpotjoy you can get them their bonus here by entering their username or email address. And if you happen to have a promotional code you can enter it into the box below that to get your own sweet deal.

Then all you have to do is click on the boxes confirming you are 18 years of age or older and whether you would like to receive promotional material.

After that click on the “Join Now” button and you will become a member of Jackpotjoy!

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