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Make Tuesdays the Best Day of the Week at Unibet

2017-09-20 10:54:34

By virtue of being one of the best online casino sites out there Unibet are able to make every day better, but sometimes they like to make some days just that little bit more special than others. The reason why they do this is not quite one hundred percent clear, it is impossible to be that sure about a company’s decisions but it is likely due to some market research that has shown them that they should attract more players to the site on a certain day.

It is understandable therefore that they would choose a Tuesday as their day of promotion as it is a day that not many people think of, everyone hates Mondays, Wednesday is ‘The Hump’ of the week, Thursdays are the days that you keep thinking are Fridays and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are times when you can have the most fun. But nobody really has any strong feelings towards Tuesday. That all may change at Unibet because they are looking to turn Tuesday into the best day of the week with this awesome slots promotion.

That’s right, you can get your hands on a promotion every single Tuesday all thanks to the fine folks over at Unibet. But what is the promotion? Well, read on and find out how you can get it and what exactly ‘it’ is.

The Prize

The best way to brighten up somebody’s day is, of course, to give them something that they really want, and who doesn’t want some free cash?? Yep, you read it right, this promotion could see you adding a bunch of free cash to your account every Tuesday just by playing your favourite games!