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Logging In - How to get back into your BetVictor account

2017-07-18 15:42:16

Step 1

First of all, you will need to go to the BetVictor website in order to start the log in process. Once you have done that then you will need to locate the place on the site where you can log in from. Luckily BetVictor have you covered here as the simple design of their website removes any sort of unnecessary clutter that might hide the all-important log in boxes. They are really easy to find, just direct your eyes towards the top right-hand corner and you will see the big white writing saying ‘Log In’.

If you haven’t registered for BetVictor then you may want to click on the bigger Green button just to the right of the ‘Log in’ button that says ‘Join Now’. This will bring you through the necessary steps to create your BetVictor account, if you need some pointers why not have a look at our handy registration guide here.