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Loads of Lovely New LeoVegas Games!

2017-10-24 09:53:21

LeoVegas is one of those online gaming websites who truly know the value of giving their customers what they want. They do this by offering great deals on fantastic games, wonderful promotions, a great community and last but not least having a continuous stream of new games for their players to get their hands on.

The benefits of new games on a site are obvious, they attract new players who are looking for something different and they keep older players titillated at the concept of getting to play something completely new on a site that they already know and love.

It is these benefits that drive LeoVegas to add new games to their site on a rather regular basis and advertise them plainly on their front page so that everyone can see what is new in stock. Recently LeoVegas have added brilliant games to their already frankly awesome catalogue of slot games. Here is some quick info on them so you know what to expect when you play them at LeoVegas.

Pixie Wings

This magical little slot game comes from the folks over at Pragmatic Play who, as their name suggests are masters at making games that have great basic and working gameplay mechanics as their base.

But what the game also has is an awesome amount of effort put into the visuals and the style element of the game, not only does it look fantastic with its gorgeous artwork and its great design but it also moves really well and in an extremely satisfying manner. The game is fun to play because of these two elements and there is no doubt that it will make quite the splash at its new LeoVegas home.