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LeoVegas Sport says Guten Tag to Germany

2017-09-21 12:40:56

LeoVegas are still relatively new to the sports betting world having started out in Sweden as an online casino site and sports betting agency there in 2011. What they have achieved in the last six years of their existence has been nothing short of amazing too, they have grown from a rather small company into one of the big dogs (or big cats) in the European online gaming and gambling scene. They have branches all over Europe especially for the Casino section of their site which is easier to run in different countries as it is essentially just a collection of different programmes on the site. The sports betting aspect of their business is, however, a lot more difficult to bring across borders.

Not only does sports-betting require a whole different set of licenses in most countries but it also requires a complete overhaul of the system to provide the service in the native language and with local sports on their betting roster. These things all have to be accounted for when setting up a betting platform in a different country so it is never a straightforward process.

That is why it is great news to hear that LeoVegas have set up their sports book in yet another country, and this time it’s the luscious and fruitful betting market of Germany!

It is no secret that Germany loves its sports and so it is, therefore, a great place for LeoVegas to set up shop. The betting market there may not be quite as prolific as it is in places such as the UK and Ireland but no doubt the introduction of such platforms like LeoVegas will introduce sports betting to a whole new swathe of people who have never been courted by it before.

When you enter a new market you must start to hit hard in your promotion and advertisement in order to attract new customers in that country away from their current sports betting operators and towards your own. So as a new German betting market entrant, LeoVegas will aim for TV and social media advertising campaign which will go a long way to promote its wonderful and rather unique mobile betting capabilities, highlighting “high-speed betting, fast navigation between different sports and a direct cash- out system, available even during the live games”.

It is hard to say how well the launch will go but there is no doubt that LeoVegas will have spent a large amount of time and resources such as personnel and money to provide them with the best information on how the German market works and what its competitors are doing to attract customers. LeoVegas will then have used this information to assess the risk and make the decision of whether they should enter the market at all and how they should enter it if they do. The very fact that LeoVegas have made the announcement that they will join the German betting market means that they have definitely concluded that the risk will pay off for them in the long run.

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