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Ladbrokes Start Offering Odds On Royal Baby Number 3

2017-10-13 09:28:00

News of a new royal baby hit recently and just like it had for every other royal announcement the speculation and wonder began to circulate newspapers, websites and tv shows all over the world (but especially in the UK). Most would have thought that the fact that this is the third child of the royal couple and that there are a lot of other news items for it to battle with would have somewhat dampened the celebrations and speculations of the media and monarchy fans alike. However, the thought of another tiny prince or princess on it was clearly enough to grab attention away from other stories.

And of course another huge part of situations like these are the betting implications, when something that is huge news such as this and its ultimate outcome is unknown there is a huge amount of cause for betting companies to begin offering odds in their betting markets. And it seems that Ladbrokes was intent in getting in there quickly to be in that number.

Within not even a couple of hours, Ladbrokes had a whole section on their site dedicated to the “Royal Specials” on which you can place a bet on a huge variety of different aspects of the upcoming royal birth. If you are thinking about placing a bet on anything from the name of the child to its weight at birth then you can and Ladbrokes has some really great odds available to you on it so why not do it there?

The Markets

There are a total of seven different betting markets for this birth in all of which you can find some great odds and place some fun bets on the different outcomes of the birth. Here’s a look at them and some of their odds so you can see what you could be getting yourself into.