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Join the ComeOn! Free Bet Club for… You guessed it, Free Bets!

2017-09-26 13:20:09

We all love sports betting right? The thrill of watching a sporting event and knowing that if it goes your way you could be walking away with a huge win in your back pocket and if it doesn’t you’ll lose your stake. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take away all of the risks of the second part of that, having no stake put down but having all of the rewards you could possibly earn still be on the line, basically have your bet be no risk all reward? Well, that’s exactly what Free Bets are designed to do, you have to put nothing down in order to be in with a chance to win a big cash prize in your chosen sporting event.

All that is well and good, of course, but pretty much useless if you don’t know how to get any free bets. Fear not however as ComeOn! has you covered. That’s right, you can get free bets right from your favourite betting platform. How? You might be asking, well it all has to do with a little something known as the ‘Free Bet Club’!

The Free Bet Club

The free bet club is one of the best promotions on the ComeOn! site, and I say this for two main reasons, 1) It’s simple and 2) It is great value.

Point number 1 is probably the best place to start, at least the most sensible. The promotion is extremely easy to avail of, in order to get your hands on it the very first thing you must do is head over to the promotions page on the ComeOn! site and go to the Free Bet Club page. Here you will have to scroll down and then enter your ComeOn! username into the box provided and click ‘Opt-In’. This will tell ComeOn! casino that you intend to be a part of the promotion and that the following actions will earn you free bets.

When you have opted in you will automatically be a part of the Free Bet Club and you can start earning your free bets. To do this you will need to place combo bets on any of your favourite sporting events on the ComeOn! website during the week (Monday-Friday). This is where it is at its most straightforward, the more combo bets that you place on the sports of your choice then the more free bets you will get, it’s that simple.

Pont number 2 is essentially an extension of the first one, without the ease of use here the promotion would not be as worth it, but thankfully since it is so easy to get your free bets they somewhat more valuable as when you use them to win even more money from your sports bets you will have that great feeling of essentially getting something for nothing, even though you had to put in some effort with the initial bets.

So that’s pretty much it, join the Free Bet Club at ComeOn! now and get yourself a bunch of free bets that you can use on whatever sporting event you want to!

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