Join in the fun with the Virgin Games Chat Room!

2018-05-27 14:00:00

One of the most impressive parts of the Virgin Games website and online gaming platform is the social element of it. Not only can you engage in some great communication and conversation about your presumably awesome Virgin Games experience with your friends in the real world but you can also use the online gaming site’s own platform to chat with other Virgin Games players!

That’s right, you can talk to the other Virgin Games players over at the site at any time and find out what they love about the site and even boast about everything you have won or commiserate those who have not been as lucky as you have on your favourite Virgin Games.

That chat is super fun to get involved in, just imagine the wonderful chats and situations you can have with a whole bunch of people that you can interact with who have the exact same interests as you as in they too love the wonderful world of Virgin Games. This sort of collective interest is great for communication and an improvement in the overall community element of the sites.

Rules and Hints

The Virgin Games chat system has a couple of rules that help the whole thing to work more and more smoothly. When the people in the chat stick to the rules it makes the chat room a much more friendly and exciting place to be so make sure that you lead by example and have a look through the rules below that will make your time in the Virgin Games chat rooms an exceptional experience.

1)Pick a friendly username
2)Remember it's never a good idea to give out identity details, including telephone numbers, names and addresses
3)Please don't upset other players by swearing or using aggressive language
4)The Chat Host is a friendly figure of authority in the rooms
5)It goes without saying that players must not slander, threaten, or abuse players or Chat Hosts
6)Remember, gaming is an exciting adult pastime and we only allow people aged 18 years or over to play on the site
7)You are never allowed to advertise or promote other companies or websites in the chat rooms
8)Racism and other forms of discrimination are never tolerated
9)Any chat which is overtly sexual could offend and upset other players so please don't use sexual language in the chat rooms
10)We never allow promotion of any drug-related activities. However, debating the subject is allowed provided it's not pro-drug use or offensive to others
11)All illegal activities are disallowed. These include stalking, hacking and gang activities
12) Chat games should be played with the spirit of fairness in mind

Virgin Games also has a great couple of lines of advice for you:

1)Welcome new players whenever you can
2)Don't use capital letters in chat because people see it as shouting
3)Feel free to answer questions about the games to new players

So make sure you check out the Virgin Games chat systems the next time you are over there and you can chat to all of your new friends about your favourite Virgin Games 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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