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JackpotJoy's Spinners and Winners

2017-07-18 14:32:48

The online casino operator is one of the best out there for giving props to their winners. If you win big enough they might just send you one of those huge novelty cheques and have your picture featured right there on their site alongside the other lucky people who have won big on JackpotJoy games. The winners circle over at JackpotJoy is a veritable hall of fame for the most prolific and talented players on the site.

Could you be so lucky as to be added to this list? Well, all you have to do to be in with a chance of having your name in lights alongside the big winners is to keep playing all of your favourite games at JackpotJoy! The site will keep track of how much you win and will get in contact with you if you have been lucky enough to feature as one of their “Winners Stories”.

Winners Stories

The Winners Stories section on JackpotJoy is easily found, it is simply located on the left-hand side of the page in the menu of quick links. When you click on “Winners” you will automatically be brought to the Winners Stories page.

Here you will see a whole bunch of write ups about some of the big winners that the site has had ordered chronologically from latest to earliest. These are all dedicated little articles that are meant to tell you a little about the winner and how much they won and what game they won it on.

If you click on ‘Read More’ you will open up the full article where you will be able to see the winner’s story in full. For example, the most recent of these articles is about a woman named Sharon S who won £1000 pounds from Emerald Bingo. The article reads like so:

“Sharon was so happy with her £1,000 win on Emerald Bingo!
‘I have never won anything like this before and really could not believe my luck. I was with my boyfriend at the time and just kept saying “I can’t believe it!”. The best part is, I was playing Bingo with the free £20 that I received for referring a friend!
The money came at the best time because I’m going on 2 weekends away soon and I can get my car fixed, thank you so much!
Congrats Sharon, enjoy your weekends!“
These articles also contain a handy little link to the game that has earned the winner his/her place on this page. You can click on this link and you will be brought directly to the game so you can try to emulate some of the luck that the winner had before you.

The Leaderboard

Winners Stories are not all that’s on offer at the JackpotJoy Winners section, for the winners that they haven’t quite gotten around to doing a piece on there is the Winner Leaderboard which ranks the most recent of the JackpotJoy winners by how much they won. This is handy to have as it shows you the most recent winners in a very clear and concise way.

Sitting at the top at the time of writing is Julia K who managed to win a whopping £8,800 with an £80 wager on Wednesday. I’m sure she’s pretty joyous on whatever island she decided to jet to after that sort of win!

Prize Draw Winners

You can also see who has won all of the JackpotJoy prize draws when you click on that option in the side menu. Here you will see a little picture of the prizes that the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners have won and they will list the winners to the right of that. Your name could go here if you are lucky enough to be a winner in any of the massive monthly prize draws at JackpotJoy

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