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JackpotJoy's Skill-based Games

2017-07-04 12:01:56

Of course, separating these games out from the slots and other betting games on the JackpotJoy site and classifying them as ‘Skill Games’ is a little bit strange. However, it is quite clear that the site just needed a name for this different genre of games and since they do undoubtedly have an even bigger skill requirement than slots the name ‘Skill Games’ does seem to make sense so we’ll give them a pass for that.

What are these skill games though? Basically, they are free to play games that are there just for fun and not to make money from. That being said however they are a great and fun use of your time. Here’s a lowdown on the skill games that JackpotJoy has to offer for free now!

Fortune Speller

A game with a classic boggle-style premise, you are given a bunch of jumbled up letters and you have to make words out of them to rack up the highest score you can. The game features multipliers that are in the form of ‘tarot cards’ to further drive home the mystical and magical theme of the game. Speaking of the theme Fortune Speller doesn’t once break character in its design, every inch of it just oozes back street fortune teller and mystical powers.

You get a time limit of three minutes to make as many three or more letter words out of the letters that the game provides you with. Before you submit your word the magical crystal ball will tell you whether it is accepted and legitimate. The game has a bunch of other neat little features that you will discover as you play and really add to the whole experience.


This game is based on the standard classic Sudoku game that we all know and love but has the added deliciousness of a cake theme. The game has three skill levels for you to play at, Cookie, Piece of Cake and Master Chef and you can choose whether you would like to be timed during your play or not.

This game is a great sudoku game and a great way to spend some time on JackpotJoy.

Koi Pop

Another spelling game but this time with an aquatic twist. The backdrop for the game is a lovely and serene koi pond where you fish for letters to make words which earn you points. This game differs itself from Fortune Speller by having three different game modes, Standard Mode, Zen Mode and Chaos Mode.

The Standard Mode gives you a total of 300 seconds to get as many words as you can and the highest score you can by dragging the floating letters down into the waiting bamboo shoots. Five of the letter bubbles have a +2 bonus and once you have used all of those an extra set of +1 bonus bubbles will appear to take their place. Sometimes the koi carp will swim onto the screen and make some of the letters ‘wilds’ so that they can be used in place of any other letter to help you out on tricky words.

The Zen mode takes the time element out of the game and allows you to relax and play at your own pace. Instead of running out of time the game ends once all of the limited amount of bubbles that this mode gives you are used up.

The Chaos mode knocks things into 6th gear and only gives you a measly 60 seconds to make as many words as you can. Luckily, however, every word that you get adds another second to the clock.

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