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Jackpotjoy Just Got A Make-Over!

2017-09-25 13:55:00

JackpotJoy has never been afraid of change and it takes each new challenge and turns it into a great thing for you, the player. And the newest challenge to land on their plate was the announcement that all major web browsing platforms will no longer support the Flash program. This is a problem for a lot of online gaming sites as a lot of their systems and their games use flash to run and they will soon be obsolete in the coming months and years.

The change has allowed JackpotJoy to make some cosmetic changes to their site however and let me tell you, they look neat.

The Layout

The first thing that you’ll notice when you make your way over to the new and improved JackpotJoy site is that the layout of it has changed somewhat. The most stark difference here being that the site looks a lot wider, which may be strange to visualise but previously on the JackpotJoy site there was a lot of room at either side of the page kind of doing nothing. Now, however, it feels like every inch of the site is covered in JackpotJoy goodness. The icons for games are a lot bigger as is the text which has got to go a long way to increasing the site’s accessibility to those with less than perfect eyesight, myself included.

The menus have changed also, instead of having everything on the side of the screen like it used to be, the bulk of the links and portals to different sections of the site have been moved towards the top of the screen along a large banner that is impossible to miss.

There is also a separate menu that you pull out from the left-hand side by clicking on ‘Menu’ this menu contains a more administrative side of the site such as promotions, the log in menu and the community page.

The Games

Due to the change from Java to the fancy new, but less catchy named HTML there are a few games that unfortunately had to be temporarily removed from the site in order to be updated or fixed. Hopefully most of these games will be back soon because there are some that are likely your favourites in the list. However when they do comeback there is no doubt that they will be faster and smoother than ever and they will play like a dream thanks to the possibilities of HTML.

Here is a list of the games that have been removed due to the update, and even though it looks like a lot you must remember that there are a hell of a lot more awesome games on the JackpotJoy site for you to play now:

Jackpot games
Bullion Bonanza
Tycoon Progressive
Bejeweled Bingo
Take Me Out
Super Snap

Slot Games
Jalapeno Racers
Ballroom Stars
Barnyard Bonanza
Bejeweled 2
Family Fortune
Girl's Best Friend
Golden Balls
Queen of Egypt
Tycoon Slot
Winning Lot
Winning Streak
X Factor

Casino Games
Three Card Poker
Roulette Classic
Play Your Cards Right

Instant Games
Bejeweled Hypercash
DOND Scratchcard
DOND Instant
All Star Solitaire
Football Widows
Fortune Teller Keno
Golden Balls

Other Games
All Star Mahjong
All Star Solitaire
Fortune Speller
Koi Pop
Roe Rescue

Bingo Games
Bingo Royale
Bejeweled Bingo
Gameshow Bingo
Take Me Out Bingo
Super Snap
Special Game
Playoff Palace

Daily Free Game
Show Us Your Balls

Best Welcome Bonus