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JackpotJoy is Here to Help!

2017-08-04 07:10:25

JackpotJoy is one of those companies who really knows the value of customer satisfaction, of course a huge part of this customer satisfaction is the hundreds of fantastic games they have to play, that goes without saying but another huge part of the customer satisfaction experience is making sure that they have a system set up with which they can quickly and efficiently deal with any problems or issues that a customer may have while using the site.

A good help service is vital for any website with a large user base as it is simply a mathematical certainty that some of these users will run into some sort of issue during their time at the site, be it a technical error in the site or one that is on the user’s end. Dealing with these sorts of issues in a quick and effective manner allows the customer to get right back into the games and will make them feel all the better for not having to worry about their problem anymore.

It is good then, for both the site and the users, that JackpotJoy has put in the time that is necessary to create and dedicate a whole section of their site to helping their customers with problems, this is the ‘Help & FAQ’ section and it is invaluable to the running of the site.

Finding the Help & FAQ section

Finding the Help & FAQ section of the site is incredibly easy to do, the site’s sensible and well-structured design means that nothing is ever hidden away from you and everything is just a click away. To locate the section just go to the homepage of the website and look to the left of the screen where you will see a whole bunch of options. Go to the bottom of these options and click on the one that says ‘Help & FAQ’s’ and hey-presto you will be brought to the help section of the site immediately.

The Help & FAQs

When you first are brought to the ‘Help & FAQs’ section of the site you will find that it is very well laid out and is easy to deal with. You will be presented with four different main categories each containing pertinent information on their respective fields, these are: ‘Bonuses & Promotions’ ‘Technical’ ‘Banking/My Account’ and ‘Games’.

If your problem has something to do with one of these sections then follow the links it presents you with in the blue boxes until you find what you’re looking for and are able to solve your own issue with this new information/method you have just discovered.

This page also has the ‘Popular’ and the ‘Top Troubleshoot’ subsections that will let you zip to your answer even faster if your question is represented therein. These sections are what people normally have trouble with and so the chances that you might be having the same problems are higher.

If your answer is in neither of these places then you can also contact the JackpotJoy team by clicking on the blue box on the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a page where you can see the details of the site’s phone number and email address as well as giving you the ability to have a live chat with a service employee to talk through your issue.

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