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Jackpotjoy Is Giving You The Chance To Win Cash In Chat!

2017-12-29 14:32:00

It’s clear to Jackpotjoy that you love the chat system they have in place over there. You can play all of your favourite games and chat to other players who have similar interests in a fun and safe way. Make friendships, rivalries and possibly even romances as you play and win!

From time to time Jackpotjoy will take a look at the chat and see some ways to make it better. This time they have seen the opportunity to give back to their players in the best way possible, with a game/competition in which you can win cool prizes right from within the chat.

They call it ‘Pass It On’ and it gives you the chance to win loads of cash prizes just by playing along in the chat rooms on the right days!

How It Works

Pass It On will take place at 9pm – 10pm in the Community 2 chat room (the “Promotional Hour”) on all Wednesdays and Saturdays between Saturday 14th October – Saturday 11th November, namely on Saturday 14th, Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st, Wednesday 25th and Saturday 28th October, and Wednesday 1st, Saturday 4th, Wednesday 8th, and Saturday 11th November 2017 (the “Promotional Period”).

During the Promotional Hour, the host will ask 10 quiz questions. Questions will be of varying difficulty and themes. There will be up to 2 x winners per question, of £2 each.

The Chat Host will announce the game five minutes before using a site-wide broadcast message. In order to participate in the Pass It On Chat Game, you must be present in the Community 2 Chat Room.

The host will specify a winning position and all rules for the quiz prior to the quiz question being asked. They will select a player from the predetermined winning position from all correct answers received within the specified time limit.

The Chat Host will announce the winner selected from the quiz question after each question has been asked. The player in the predetermined winning position will then be able to pick 1 further winning position.

The host will announce the second winning player in the position selected by the first winning player. The second winning player will have 20 seconds to type the phrase “Pass It On” (the “phrase”) into the Community 2 Chat room. If the second winning player types the phrase into the Community 2 chat room, they will also receive £2.

If all 10 questions asked by the host have two successful winners, there will be a 10p room comp at the end of the Promotional Hour. The maximum available winnings on the game are £2. The minimum available winning on the game is £0.

Players can only win once during the Promotional Hour, however; you may be selected to play and win on a separate promotional hour. For example: if you are selected to play Pass It On on Wednesday and win, you may not be selected to play Pass It On again during the hour on Wednesday but may be selected to play and win on Saturday.

Should a winning player in the Promotional Hour land in a winning position on a subsequent question, the host will select the next player down as the winning player.

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